Draft stopper from Pam on 26 Jan '20

Good deal getting the draft taken care of, Janice. That will have to make the chilly weather easier for you to cope with. Hopefully, your cold spell will be replaced by nicer weather real soon! It's been balmy (30's) here for the past few days. I expect things will get back to normal soon. :) Take care and stay warm!

Balmy? 30?!? from Janice aboard Seaweed on 31 Jan '20

Thank you so much for the laughter, although Skipper is convinced I have gone slightly bonkers. My laugh woke her up. As for the back door, I am inordinately pleased with how well it turned out. It has really done a good job at keeping out the drafts.

I did go back to eBay to order more of the stopper. I want to have a permanent solution done. While I have a mailing address I am charging ahead getting stocked up on lots of smaller essentials. Nothing is critical, except a new starter ($200) to go into my spare parts inventory. Otherwise it is small items to make my life easier, nicer, etc.

I ordered some silicone baking pans, single serving sized. I've been making mug meals too. See Bigger Bolder Baking on YouTube. That gal has some items that work well for me. Anyway, that's my life. Having fun, of course.

Thank you Pam for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

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