Battery cap from Pam on 4 Feb '19

Phew! As I was reading I thought you were going to describe how you wrestle several tons of batteries to get that cap. (BTW: If I had to do that to get to that little cap, I would take it outside, set it on fire, and then back over it with a truck several times.) Anyway, I was relieved to read that you called a friend to bring a replacement. Much better approach. At least you'll always have it for a 'spare.'

Great plan Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Feb '19

(with apologies too -- not sure where my previous response went)

I suspect I broke the website comments again. I bought an SSL (secure certificate) so that my site appears as an https:// versus the regular http://

The problem is my hit counts have gone down because Google has stopped recommending me because I'm not "secure" which is totally ridiculous in that I'm not selling anything to anybody. Years ago the only https:// folks were those who had shopping carts. Now, well, I don't know. Supposedly this will improve things.

Except on my computer at least the comments are gone if folks come in via https versus the regular way. ARGH.

I fix one thing and break two.

In any event, enough grumbling. It's hard to have a pity party when the weather is this beautiful. And it is totally gorgeous here.

Your plan for Battery Demolition sounded like fun. And I'd have been "in" for it definitely. This was one of those things that aren't supposed to happen.

I'd mentioned in my original response that you might enjoy visiting -- (if you look carefully you'll note someone's boat as a part of the banner)

Tomorrow is the writers group I joined at the library. I'm trying to get up the newest article but it won't be ready. As usual I ran on at the fingertips. It's about that doggone washing machine I bought a while back.

So that's what I'm doing (and reading) ... Gutenberg keeps tempting me. I had better post this right now as I'm off to my bunk for a nice book. Have a great night, and thank you Pam for your Great Idea!

Stay warm. Your friend in the south, J.

https from Pam on 11 Feb '19

It's always something! Cool that you belong to the writers group at the library. It will give you an opportunity to discuss all things writing with likeminded people. Extreme winter has swooped in and settled on us for the past few weeks. I'll be so glad when it moves on.

It was fun. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 15 Feb '19

Alas I missed the Monday meeting. I was up all night (writing) and didn't feel up for it. This Monday, definitely. Plus I have to read something so... well, my stuff is Long and windy. We shall see.

I'm tweaking an article about being a soloist lady so perhaps that one. We shall see. Two to three minute read, then critique. I'm not certain how that will translate as I'm non-fiction (rest are fiction) and my stuff is illustrated so...

Obviously I'm overthinking this. Stay warm. And soon find your Last Boat so you can be a snow bird and defrost for the winter. It's wonderful here though a few nights ago it was very Very windy for a few hours.

Take care, and thank you Pam for the motivation your comments provide. I do appreciate that so much. J.

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