Tomatoes from Pam on 19 Feb '21

I hope your latest farming enterprise works out well for you. Having home-grown fresh tomatoes to go with your sprout salads would be wonderful. 🍅 I remember reading about your other forays, and have got to admire you sticking with it. I predict this time you'll prevail! Take care, stay warm, Janice.

Marine Agriculture from The Mick on 21 Feb '21

"Thank you again for the outings." You are very welcome. You are a lot of fun, too. Good luck with the tomatoes.

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Feb '21

I do tend to try often. Success is seldom achieved without building on what is learned by virtual failure. I like figuring out stuff. As a follow-up, the tomatoes are still growing so (knock teak) this might just yield a supply for my salads.

Thanks for the encouragement and your comment. Both are appreciated. J.

Thanks Mick. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Feb '21

I definitely appreciate the trips to Dollar Tree and the thrift stores. Plus my Post Office Box too. That is very nice of you. J.

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