Laundry from Captain Hornblower on 15 Feb '19

Great article but it makes the process seem confusing to an old Captain like me. Maybe I need a lovely wench (not a winch) to join me and we can take care of each other's needs, eh?

Washing clothes from Pam on 16 Feb '19

As much as your little washer is a pain in the transom to store, it sounds like it does a hood job for you. Not having to drag clothes to and from a laundry would be the deciding factor for me. Having a spinner to get the water out is priceless; I know from experience that is the hardest part (and the other parts aren't that easy)!

Captain Hornblower from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Feb '19

Thank you for your comment. I suspect that the hassle factor may indeed be too much for many. That's where finding someone to help out may be of benefit. Of course in order to have a lovely wench to go cruising with, one might hope you are a True Gentleman. That will indeed help in locating such a gal.

All the best to you Sir. And thank you for your comment.

You're right Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Feb '19

The spin dryer (which basically is a rapid spinner) is amazing. And the smallest unit is about $75 at full retail. When I searched on Amazon, I could not find one for sale at present.

The company (Laundry Alternative) has others however they are more suited to people with houses.

You are absolutely correct taht wringing out the clothes is perhaps the hardest part of the whole thing. Anyway, as you are shopping check the grocery store for (pink) Zote soap. It is a rather over-sized bar, should cost right at a dollar. That's one key component in getting out stains when washing by hand. I ended up having to pay nearly $5 for a bar from Amazon (couldn't find one locally) so keep your eyes open for one. I did not realize they were so cheap when I bought mine.

Here, I'm recovering from writing this article. It was longer (I shortened it!!!) than anticipated.

I tried to find out how many words but cannot (yet) find that total in Front Page -- and I know it is there. Or was at one time. I bought the pro version back in 2003 I believe.

Thankfully one of my subscribers passed along a netbook that runs on Win7 -- I don't believe FrontPage will work on Win10 -- and I don't want 10 anyway. I prefer 7. It is my speed (slow!) and suits me. Heck, I liked Win3.1 and 95, 98, etc... I even liked WinMe.

The weather here is Beautiful. I did a single load of laundry today and everything dried quickly. I even washed my fabric grocery bags.. Walmart sells ($4, up by the registers) fabric (light weight canvas) shopping bags. I have four of them. They are very handy for groceries, but also for carrying thrift store items and such. I've used some sort of auxilary bag for decades. The key is that the handles be wider (narrow hunts my shoulders) and when my arm is extended down I don't want them to drag on the ground. That's my criteria anyway.

I have one with a navy blue bottom, one with blue stripes, one with silver stars and the last one has black polka-dots. Today they all got washed. Those are still drying -- eeryting else is put away.

It feels great to have my stuff all clean and shiny. That is where having a washer is a real benefit. I'm going to look harder at putting in a shelf. At this point I'm in the "paralyzed by perfection" mode. I need to just do it. Even if it isn't right it may indeed be good enough. And it Will be far better than moving it all the ding dang time!

It sits on my head, next to my bunk, in the pilothouse, and seems to always be in the way. That has gotten on my nerves. That last nerve of mine is frayed!!!

Anyway, I'm being silly. Once you get your boat, my advice would be to look seriously at the Laundry Alternative spinner First. Then if washing is a pain too, you can go for one of the washers. It's the hand strength/wringing that was hardest for me. Frankly, the dinky little basket in the Best Choice was a real disappointment. AND stuff does not get nearly as dry as with the LA spin dryer. If you look at the green tee shirt by the Laundry Alternatives paragraph, that shirt is Nearly dry. When wet, it is a dark green. The basket is not real large in the LA spinner, though it is about twice as large as the one in the Best Choice washer.

Anyway, when we meet along the waterways, I'll show you my set-up. Soon girl. You cannot spend every winter iced in. Stay warm.

And thank you for your Comment. Your friend, J.

SeaWeed's photo from Pam on 21 Feb '19

Hi, just a heads-up. SeaWeed's photo isn't displaying in the banner on She's the prettiest one so she should be showing. :)

True Pam... :( from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Mar '19

Apparently it is visible for some so I am guessing since it does not show up on my Verizon tablet that perhaps it is a fluke due to Android? Beats me.

My friend Ken called to say he had seen Seaweed on the site, so it must be there for some. He runs unix or or something complicated. Anyway, thank you for the head's up. I had thought it was me.

Here life progresses. I am almost finished with Dating #4 (and so ready for other more fun topics)

I've had so much going on of late (pictures taken) so I am anxious to finish the Dating topic (the article got WAYYYYY to long, so I broke it apart) and I've got others in the pipe too. As for the dates, well, that's when the stuff should have gone up. I noticed last year about this time I was in a slow period too. I think that might have been a bad cold/allergy but cannot remember.

Time flies by Pam. I blink and another month has disappeared. Anyway, I've sent out the notice so that part is almost caught up. The links from Topics/Categories are not done yet. I'll get to that tomorrow or the next day I hope. Your friend in the south, J.

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