Greens from Pam on 23 Feb '20

Janice, I'm very impressed by your persistence and problem solving to find the best system to farm the greens. That's quite crop your have growing! Fresh greens every day.

Microgreens from Marsha Paulekas on 23 Feb '20

I too grow microgreens. I use one flat with a dome with some potting soil and add a variety of seeds in strips in the one flat. I have more room than you do. Nice job on growing them in a clean orderly way in such a small space. You might like to try radish greens if you have not. I like them best. They have a little spicy zip to them. I put them in EVERYTHING I eat. I have been eating and growing them for years. I love them. I enjoy your posts and always look forward to seeing what you are up to. We met at Carrabelle, years ago. We spend out winters in the Keys now on a our 36 foot gulfstar trawler. Would love to see you make it down here someday and see you again!

aka mistakes remedied from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Feb '20

Oh Pam you are so right. What I like best is being able to enjoy a fresh salad at will. Not having to go to the grocery store is a bonus too.

My friend Marsha is spot on about radishes. They are amazing. I add them to things in lieu of onions quite often. They add a crunch too.

I hope you'll try growing microgreens and sprouts too. Radish sprouts are great. I liked them from the start. Lentils were an acquired taste. Now I love them both. J.

Me too Marsha from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Feb '20

I admire your ability to use the flats Marsha. I've seen those and know how well they keep in the moisture. I simply couldn't figure out a place to store even the smallest 10" flat.

I opted for the soap dishes because I figured one per day would suffice. It turns out that I like them more than that amount so over time I increased production.

Your ability to utilize dirt Marsha is a definite benefit. From what I have seen dirt almost doubles the crop size. On the boat that added complexity would be difficult for me. That and the memory of those dang flies that I dealt with so long ago. Argh.

Yes to the heading south. I do look forward to visiting again. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate that. I am curious as to what you grow. Could you tell me? J.

MicroGreens from Captain Farmer on 23 Feb '20

Looks like you have tapped a very popular subject - growing our own MicroGreens on our boats. Fresh salad, every day. What could possibly be better! Keep up the great work. You are SO helping us.

MicroGreens from Captain Farmer on 23 Feb '20

MicroGreens...Also, I love all your pictures in your articles but especially the pic of the microgreens growing on the two shelves above what appears to be a large window. They look happy and healthy.

Thanks Captain Farmer from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Feb '20

It makes me happy when folks like my posts! The whole Victory Garden aspect pleases me enormously. For some reason knowing I can actually make these tiny seeds turn into a real edible item is gratifying.

I hope beginners will give it a go. Truly I believe I have made most of the mistakes possible. So many of the online tutorials rely on vast quantities of water. For those of us living an off-grid life, water is a precious commodity.

In the normal world folks have plenty. Leave the dock is more than peaceful nights at anchor. It is having everything I need plus much of what I want right aboard my boat. Next in that regard is a spare water pump plus a spare starter. And one of those jumper gizmos to make the starter go even when it doesn't want to. The price went up to nearly $25 now. Argh. I wish I'd bought one when it was under twenty. J.

P.S. Thank you Captain for the compliment regarding my garden shelves. The plants do very well up there. Next up is to secure them easily for when I'm underway. I'm glad you noticed. Thank you again for your comments. I appreciate the feedback.

microgreen varieties from Marsha Paulekas on 24 Feb '20

Hi Janice, I grow radishes, broc, kale the most. Fenegreek grows well too and I grow those sometimes. I love Arugula but it does not grow well for me as microgreens so I have to wait until I can plant that in the ground.

Your microgreens Marsha from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Feb '20

Thanks for your reply Marsha. I have not tried fenugreek nor arugula yet. As your experience with arugula is not-so-good as a microgreen, I will skip that one. Thanks!

I will try fenugreek though. Have you tried cress? It tastes like pepper however the aroma when growing is off putting. I suspect this might be better in the great outdoors. If you'd like to try some I could send you some seeds. Write me directly with your address if you're interested. Thanks.

Thank you again for your reply. I'll definitely look into buying some fenugreek to try. J.

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