Microgreens, Redux from Captain Farmer on 3 Mar '20

I went straight to the Microgreens Summary for Success (no pictures). I read it, pasted it right on my desktop on my laptop, printed it out and now have it in my daily book that I carry with me so I can study it and pick up all the materials and ingredients needed for me to grow my own salads. Thank you so much for all this. I know it was a lot of work but it seemed to be a labor of love for you. You are an angel. I will always be grateful.

Micro greens from Coen van Wyk on 3 Mar '20

It looks good! Probably stuffed with vitamins. Enjoy!

You're so right Cap'n Coen from Janice aboard Seaweed on 4 Mar '20

The seed companies do flout their products as being nutrient dense. I'm always a bit skeptical especially when profit is involved. Regardless, for about $100 I bought a year's worth of salads.

One of the worst things about being at anchor is running out of something and having to return to civilization. It would be easy to become a hermit afloat in our own little worlds. If only stuff didn't break. Argh!

That previous paragraph is a direct reference to a battery issue I need to resolve. When folks ask what I do all day I can definitely ascertain they are not aboard a boat. There is always something needing repair, upgrade or maintenance. Little items grow without attention. Such is life.

Thank you Cap'n for your comment. I appreciate that. J.

Shelves from Pam on 4 Mar '20

Janice, those shelves are great and props to you for find such a good spot for them on SeaWeed (that's no small feat!). I do like the 'pie dough' braid for decoration and keeping the soap containers on the shelves. :)

About pie crusts... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Mar '20

Gosh that comment brought back memories Pam. Mother made the best apple pie I have ever eaten. Her edges were pinched.

Mother would always make extra crust. She would add cinnamon and sugar then roll like for cinnamon rolls, except hers were flakey. I loved those. Yes, we did always as long as I remember have an oven. Daddy preferred homemade bread.

Today I'm trying to finish the shaft key article. I had a computer issue and spent a lot of time trying to recover files. It was frustrating. Still is. At least all that was uploaded is safe. All that became corrupted were working/in progress so nothing critical. Anyway life is great. Stay safe and warm. Wash your hands! J.

P.S. Thank you for the comment. Apple pie, and cheesecake too, are now on my mind. I will have to buy some apples on the next trip to the grocery store. Plus cinnamin sugar PopTarts. Unfrosted, and the regular are my personal favorites.

Pie dough from Pam on 8 Mar '20

Pie dough cookies are my favorite! :)

checking in from Pam on 28 Apr '20

Hi, Janice. Just checking in. Hope you and yours are safe and OK. Take care!

Checking in again from Pam on 23 May '20

I swing by here every day. Be safe and well, Janice!

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 9 Jun '20

Your notes mean a lot to me. I'm back now. Your friend, J.

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