Starting Fluid from Captain Sid on 22 Apr '22

Been using WD-40 to goose recalcitrant diesels since the very beginning, well over 40 years ago. Thanks for the updated info and a look at modern starting fluid. Will definitely use the good stuff from now on. Also, Calder is the bible when it comes to boating basics. Very good article.

Calder is amazing Cap'n Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Apr '22

Thanks Cap'n. I was happy to learn about this. I want to take good care of my engine.

You're correct Sir, re Calder. He can point me in the right direction and is book is simply essential boat gear. I might know how to fix or even troubleshoot something however with his guidance I can be more aware of what should be expected.

I suspect all of us when outside our field of knowledge want to avid being taken advantage. My copy of Calder's provides a level of assurance so that hopefully I can detect when I'm dealing with someone less than honorable. Fortunately those are few and far between... thanks Cap'n Sid for your comment. It is appreciated.


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