treasures from Pam on 9 Jun '22

There is nothing more special than an old, rare book. You found some treasures! Yay, for your project progress! 🎉🎉 "I am happy to report that my new wiring for the three battery banks is complete. The upgraded solar regulator and breakers are mounted."

Current Article from Captain First on 9 Jun '22

Human Interest Stories. Everyone whoever worked for a newspaper knows that Human Interest stories are by far the best read sections of the paper. Hard news is necessary, of course, and technical information is often useful. But stories about other people and what they treasure and what they are doing with their lives are always the best read and most popular. Newspapers literally LIVE on human interest stories. They are truly what sells newspapers. The hard news guys on newspaper staffs never like to admit to this, but their editors all know this to be true. This article of yours is a perfect example of a very fine human interest story. Loved it. Keep up the great work. You are a treasure, and of great Human Interest.

Old books are the best Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 9 Jun '22

I look at books written 100 years ago as a window to what once was. They fascinate me. I've read so many genres, though I confess that I prefer romance, or early science fiction.

I LOVE Tom Corbett, Space Cadet... and watching Elon Musk bring back the rockets successfully is truly the sci-fi of yesterday proven as reality today. Launching his Tesla was, well, inspiring. Like many, I'm looking forward to watching more developments.

All that said, I want and enjoy my old favorites. Since I received my kindle I have been reading again many of my childhood books. That increase font/bold text combination is a true benefit. Still, I do have a few book collections in my forward cabin.

Yes, the boat projects are getting done. It is overwhelming when so much is half done. That drives me bonkers. Fortunately I am making progress and the boat is less chaotic. Until tomorrow, when Jesse is due here for the ac, and his expertise on all things boat. I am fortunate that he is making time for my Seaweed. I will be exhausted for certain! :)

Life is great. Thanks for your comment Pam. Your friend in the south, J.

Thank you Cap'n First... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Jun '22

How nice you are Cap'n. Though most try to stay well informed regarding world events, a newspaper article I read in the Miami Herald back in the 1980's changed my whole perspective. The author, a 90 year old woman, stated that by the time "news" reached her small hamlet it was already history.

From that, I took away that closer to home (family/friends) were far more important to me than news. The whole "if it bleeds/it leads" turned me off nightly television news too.

Seaweed is my happy spot. I love her, and guard my joy. That means the books I read tend to be older ones, gentle stories about nice folks. I watch older Disney films on DVDs, while eating a bowl or two of popcorn.

The world changes all the time, though there is little I can do to influence more than my small sphere. I am content with that.

Of late have been focusing on Infrastructure. The man who promised to make my air conditioner work was delayed a couple days. He didn't want to drive in the rain which of course is understandable. I am anxious to have that working, especially as the temperatures rise.

Fortunately Jesse is a true Renaissance man when it comes to boat systems. He knows more than most, thus is much in demand no doubt. I am interest in learning from his expertise if any of my systems are wrong -- or what tweaks to make to improve things. This is such a big opportunity for me...

Here's to progress, and air conditioning too! J.

Thank you again Cap'n First for your comment and compliment. Both are appreciated. J.

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