Danger from Sidney L. Tracy on 12 Jun '18

Here I go again, but I would be cautious about having hot batteries next to a container of gas. Per your photo. None of my business so I better BUTT out.

Batteries from Pam on 12 Jun '18

That's a lot of batteries in that truck. :) How much do they weigh? Electro Battery sounds like a great store with good service. Those are always a joy to do business with.

You are absolutely correct. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 12 Jun '18

It is actually worse than you imagine. That is one of those safety tanks and the thing was swollen. I have ordered the new vent caps and will be fixing that permanently as per numerous YouTube videos. Honestly it was not safe.

That was a good catch Cap'n Sid, to notice from the photo. I appreciate the message too. These tanks are a hazard. I am fortunate to have the old style. That tank was removed from the truck pending repair.

For now I'm relaxing tonight. The final 32-volt article is nearly ready for uploading. And tomorrow the diver comes. The days are full. Still have not gotten to the fiberglass place which is not such a bad thing. I could use a couple days at anchor. There I rest! It is peaceful.

Thank you so much captain for noticing AND making me aware of that tank. It could have been dangerous. Often those closest to a situation miss things exactly like that. I appreciate your kind concern. You're the type of boater who is a real Mariner. J.

They weigh a lot! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 13 Jun '18

And dropping one on top of my foot was not fun at all. It was tender but by the next day felt almost normal. I was tired, and yes I knew better.

When tired I need to always stop. Nothing good seems to come of efforts to continue.

Today I am finishing up the latest on cable stacking. I am having fun writing more. Take care Pam, and thanks for your comment. J.

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