Haul Out, Manatees from Captain Mick, Florida Keys - The Back Country on 17 Jun '20

This article is the perfect length, quick and easy to read. Are you having mercy on us? If so, thank you very much. This is definitely the time to spruce Seaweed up. Just go for it. You will be happy you did. Love, Love, Love the pics of the manatees and the mention of the frisky male (I can just see one of your regular female readers getting all worked up about males doing what males are intended to do). You seem to be writing more and we are enjoying hearing from you on a more frequent basis. Thank you. Take care of yourself, Skipper and Seaweed.

Haul out from Pam on 17 Jun '20

Sounds like you have some timely improvements and a nice a spa day lined up for Seeweed. I hope all goes well and you're back in the water quickly. Your Manatee visitors are beautiful, I hope they come back. BTW: Write all you want. ;)

Haha Captain Mick. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 17 Jun '20

Thanks for the advice regarding fixing up Seaweed. I would love for her to look great again.

As for the amorous manatees, they and dolphins too, are often frisky for fun. My diver said the manatee was trying to pin him between my boat and the one next to me. Of course I agreed for the diver to come back the next day! As an aside, the diver that comes here normally does five or six boats over two days...

Thank you Cap'n Mick for the compliment about this article. I'm glad the length pleases you. The next one is short too. Once again Cap'n, thank you for your comment. J.

Thanks Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 17 Jun '20

The manatees are simply amazing Pam, especially on this coast where the water is clear and green. Green or blue water makes a huge difference. I love it.

Thank you for your comment Pam. Yours really do keep me going. I am organizing for the haul out. I've been eating down my microgreen trays so I can stash the containers. I am so looking forward to the haulout. Mostly though I'll be hoping to relaunch quickly. The folks running the place do good work AND stick to their estimates. That's important to me. Your friend, J.

Damn Captcha! Attempt # 5 from Rob on 17 Jun '20

Good luck in the yards!

I know Rob... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 18 Jun '20

On android the problem I have is that first letter is always capitalized. I have to put it to a small letter. And the q/g duo get me too I'm just grateful there are comments. Thanks for your efforts! J.

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