The step from Pam on 21 Jun '20

By all means, doing something about spots where you're prone to a slip is a good thing! The tape looks like it will work well. Big thunder storms here tonight. I'm battening down the hatches around my home. Take take Janice and I'm glad you eliminated one more place to slip up. 😉

Very punny, and funny too! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 22 Jun '20

Truly Pam, one thing I have done since purchase is pay attention to any place I reached. That's why I have a lot more hand holds than most boats. And I bought three more to install shortly.

Today I made it to Salvation Army. My first visit in months and months!!! I found three new long sleeved white shirts and a few DVDs. I still have not digitalized my collection. Sigh. Maybe while I'm on the hard I can start that process. Maybe. I've only been saying this for two years, or has it been three? Time really does fly.

Take care Pam. Stay warm and dry. Thank you for your comment. Your friend, J.

Non skid tape from Captin Mick - Florida Keys on 24 Jun '20

Great idea, thanks for posting. Safety and Falling Down are always on my mind these days. One thing that would help a Luddite like me would be for you to put a link to the ebay seller that sold you the non skid tape. Just a thought.

Luddites unite from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Jul '20

There indeed is something comfortable about using old solutions. As for your request Cap'n Mick, I made an Addendum to the article which may be useful to you. As of today, the price for a 15' roll of the tape is less than $5. That is a better price than I paid. Good luck sir, and thank you for your comment. J.

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