AC Drama! from Pam on 31 Jul '22

Good grief, Janice. You've had one drawn out and uphill battle to get that AC working. Ten months! I would have been setting things on fire and slashing tires by now. 😁 You prevailed though and can now relax and enjoy your cool Seaweed! phew! Congratulations. 😊 BTW: I read your extended, all at once posting, and the Comments part seems to be doinked up a bit. I circled back to here to leave my comment.

Hi Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 31 Jul '22

I am so relieved to at last be fully cool without the shower curtain. This is an upgrade. The thing is, at anchor there are breezes. At a dock with port to the east, the sun just bakes me.

I recently washed what used to be my curtains on the port side. They literally shredded from sun damage. Of course the kids were coming and I needed new curtains. I was lucky to find a set that actually fits better than the old ones. The ones that were there had been patched repeatedly over, so having a new curtain is a real treat. I bought a second one for when this fails. I utilize lace curtains as they keep out mosquitoes, and they dim the brightness outside, allow me to see out, and to a degree provide a level of privacy. My new ones have seahorses, seaweed, seashells and more. These are not flowers!!! They are nautical but so understated that folks might not realize the decorations are there.

These touches do please me. I love that I can make Seaweed my own. Little things might not mean a lot to some folks however to me they are the world. I know I am blessed.

Thank you Pam for letting me know about the coding error. I will try to get it straight tomorrow. Or erase it! I am glad to know. Take care, and, thank you for your comment. J.

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