Hey! from Keith Wolfe on 12 Jul '17

Hey! You got your comments section working, congratulations on that. I'm glad you're back online again. I know you said not to be concerned because you were probably just on an adventure south with Seaweed, but the sea is a big place and in comparison we're all tiny. Welcome back.

It's great to be back from Janice aboard Seaweed on 12 Jul '17

Hello Keith. The intention is to head out when the days begin to cool. In the meantime I will be tweaking systems. Things break and leaks happen. Fixing is a given. I have reorganized every locker. I have too much stuff! Thanks for your note Keith. Hello to your Janet as well. J.

You're Back! from Pam on 14 Jul '17

Yay! Welcome back, Janice! We missed your posts.

Finally! from Michael on 15 Jul '17

We thought you ran off and left us. Not hearing from you was AWFUL! Welcome back. Now keep writing and keep us in the loop. Also, your pictures have become amazing so keep that up, too.

Gosh Pam, I've missed you from Janice aboard Seaweed on 18 Jul '17

It is great to be back. I have missed posting. Thank you for sticking around. J.

Thank you Michael. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 18 Jul '17

I am glad to know the pictures please you. Thank you for your note. Feedback is always appreciated. Janice aboard Seaweed.

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