Hand Flexibility from Captain Weiner on 14 Aug '20

Thanks for reminding us about the importance of keeping our hands and our joints flexible. It is the old axiom - move it or lose it. Too often we ignore this very important law of nature.

Sid from Redux on 14 Aug '20

That dog Sid is such a thoughtful, handsome dog!

Thank you Cap'n Weiner from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Aug '20

It seems life 50 was so long in the past, so I do understand the necessity of maintaining mobility. These silly little toys help me. My morning routine includes moving everything before I get out of my bunk, including opening and closing my hands. To you and yours Cap'n I wish much good health and flexibility too. Thanks for your comment Sir. J.

Greetings Sid... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Aug '20

You're correct of course Sid. That is a handsome fellow. He protected me from Scooby too. What a guy!

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