Snowy Egret from Pam on 30 Jul '18

Your snowy egret visitors are beautiful, Janice. I have something that looks VERY similar (I don't know if snowy egrets get this far north or not)to yours that visits a pond right by me in the summer to catch little frogs and such. I love watching it slowly walking around the edges looking for lunch. As for other birds who visit. A herd of wild turkeys has taken up residence somewhere nearby and go for strolls through the neighborhood on occasion. They are huge, prehistoric-huge!

Turkeys sound interesing from Janice aboard Seaweed on 30 Jul '18

I would like to see a turkey or more in the wild. Wildlife fascinates me. It is interesting how the critters have a whole hierarchy. The most dominant gets huffy with the upstarts.

The world out there is fun to watch. Observation takes time. I spend that willingly. Almost missing the sight of that newborn dolphin so I could stay focused on cleaning had a more profound effect on my life than perhaps it would have for others. I am glad of it.

In one of Erma Bombeck's books she speaks of a person who missed out on experiences for in retrospect may have been silly. I don't want that to be me!

On the other hand I too often say "no" initially. Later I change my mind. It almost seems like I must process the idea internally before it becomes agreeable. Sometimes I wonder if that indecision/no is yet another remnant of the chemo. The inability to make a decision meant no became the de facto no that still is with me all these years later...

I am inclined to believe that is an Excuse rather than a Reason. Hmm. I will ponder that. In the meantime I shall feed the beggars aka birds.

Thank you for your comment Pam. It is appreciated. J.

Snowys from Bill on 2 Aug '18

It might amuse you (as it does me) to know that among at least some birders, snowys are said to have "golden slippers".

Golden slippers from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Aug '18

What a wonderful name for the snowy egrets. I'm going to put a note into my bird book to that effect. It truly is the proper nickname for the birds. Thanks Cap'n Bill. J.

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