Manatee from Warren Castonguay on 7 Aug '18

So awesome the pics and the stories behind them. You are truly blessed. We have a Manatee the visits Cape Cod once and awhile. I have yet to see one and they dont stick around very long Your friend in the North Warren

Marvelous Manatees from Cheryl on 7 Aug '18

Oh my gosh Janice, what an amazing thing to witness, you are very fortunate. I have seen manatee many times but never one that tiny. They are as you said such gentle giants, we love to watch them. Thank you once again for sharing your amazing life with us.

That's a long way Warren from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Aug '18

I had not realized that manatees would travel so far north. They are good swimmers albeit not very quick. Of course they probably could outpace Seaweed. Then again I am already where I want to be.

Thank you for your nice note Warren. I appreciate that. J.

Thanks Cheryl. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Aug '18

I had the best time Cheryl watching this baby. Life is precious. I am a definite softy.

Every day I wake up grateful for my life aboard Seaweed. This is my tranquility. It is wonderful that others are nice enough to want to see this world via my website.

Thank you for being my friend, both online and in real life. You're the best. J.

P.S. - Your pictures are amazing too. Thanks for sharing those.

Baby! from Pam on 8 Aug '18

What a gift to be just feet away from Momma and Baby. To be able to enjoy the time with them. You ARE blessed. :)

The two were amazing! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 8 Aug '18

It is times like these that I enjoy so much Pam. I am soooo grateful that I can live this life.

The budget may be small however a wealthy person couldn't buy what I have. That is time. The time to do nothing, relax, read, watch DVDs, Netflix on a tablet, and even little manatees. I am without a doubt fortunate.

My platform, Seaweed, has come a long way over the decade since I bought an inadequate boat to live aboard. I suspect that I could see This Future because of growing up on our 40'er. She changed many times over the years. The adjustments made her okay as the stages of our lives progressed.

One of the next steps for long term is to have a tuna door. Climbing over the transom has not gotten easier!

Still I did buy a boat that has met my expectations. Seaweed is not perfect. She is Good Enough and approaching magnificent. So yes, I am blessed.

Thank you for sharing my journey. And for commenting. That makes a difference. Your friend in the south, J.

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