Anchor Locker Leak Solution from Mick on 9 Aug '17

I just love the way you write and present information. This is a nice article showing a creative solution to a troubling problem. Thanks for keeping all your readers with you and up to date on your travels. You are special. You bring sunshine and smiles into our lives. M.

anchor locker from capt kim on 10 Aug '17


Thank you Mick. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 10 Aug '17

Thanks for your kind words. Comments really do make a difference. I am glad you found the article interesting.

Hoping to see you along the waterways... J.

Thanks Capt Kim from Janice aboard Seaweed on 10 Aug '17

Making it work... That's what life is, eh? Gosh though, I am having the most fun. Life afloat is wonderful. I am truly so fortunate.

Thank you for your comment. Seaweed runs like a champ. Best of all her bunk is dry!

Your friend, J.

Drip solution from Pam on 10 Aug '17

Good thinking, Janice. Problem solved with little muss or fuss!

Gus from Pam on 10 Aug '17

Gus looks pretty bedraggled in that photo. I hope he got a hot dog for his trouble. :)

Exactly Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Aug '17

Solving ng the problem was a relatively short process. Figuring out what to do took longer. I have found that true of most boat projects.

The challenges help keep me sharp. I hope so anyway! Learning is so critical in my view, and fortunately I enjoy the process.

As for Gus, yes he is a bit bedraggled. He made me smile. The reward was hotdog slices. It is so much fun to have these wild critters trust me. MY training is coming along nicely!

Tomorrow a trip to the grocery store is planned. I look forward to that. One store sells the cheap dogs for 59cents per package. Walmart charges a dollar.

Also planned is the hardware store. I have two water filters that look identical. They require two different sizes of o-rings. Hopefully I will be able to get what is needed.

It will be a big day for certain. Thank you for commenting Pam. I really appreciate that. J.

Gus from Pam on 11 Aug '17

Yes, you are well trained, Janice. Good for you!!

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