Breakdowns from Pam on 12 Aug '20

Janice, good that you had TowBoatUS to call and that they got to you right away. That made a stressful situation not as awful as it could have been. I hope that your stay at the boatyard is not expensive and that you get all the needed stuff done. Do they have a diesel mechanic to work on your adorable, little engine?

TowBoatUS is great from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Aug '20

A friend came by to diagnose and solve the engine problem. It wasn't what I thought. Instead it was two other things. Argh. 2020 has been $$$ however I'm trying to catch up on my article posting. Should be a new vignette tomorrow or the next day.

The boatyard has been most excellent. The (separate) outboard dealer is poking at my last nerve. I am THISclose to mayhem. All I've heard is promises, and excuses. It is the lack of follow up that is beyond irritating. The last message received was Wednesday at 4:20 PM. It said "Checking on them now"

Nothing since then. ARGH!!! Communication goes a long way. I have not contacted corporate headquarters, YET.

So that is my life. My patience is nearly at an end. Still, the boatyard itself has been most excellent. I am happy with both the price and job quality provided by Salt Creek.

I'm living aboard my home in Florida. I am indeed fortunate. J. (thanks for listening to my whine)

BoatUS vs SeaTow from Captain Bud on 14 Aug '20

I have had BoatUS towing coverage since the late '80s. Given the choice between them and SeaTow I will choose BoatUS EVERY TIME. Keep up the good work. We look for a complete boat yard report when you have had time for reflection.

We've always been TowBoatUS folks too from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Aug '20

You are correct Cap'n Bud. In the areas I frequent, TowBoatUS is the prevalent service provider. I appreciate how responsive the captains are. Captain Jason was a true professional. I just hate having to call. It's embarrassing.

Though I intend to continue my TowBoatUS membership, the whole idea of the outboard was to enable me to self rescue. I want to have an option that does not involve calling for help. Sigh.

That is my goal. I do have a level of determination and this will be resolved, hopefully ASAP.

Thank you Cap'n Bud for your comment. Though even my folks have always been with TowBoatUS and I like them, my way is not the only way. I'm certain there are some rabid SeaTow proponents too. As long as we are served well, that's what counts most. Still, if I had a TowBoatUS pennant I would fly it, along side the TrawlerForum burgee. That one is a particular favorite.

Thanks again for you note. I agree with your assessment. Your friend, J.

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