Better living through science from Pam on 16 Aug '20

Well, that's nifty. Not harmful (except to fruit flies), inexpensive, and easy. Win, win!

Thanks Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Aug '20

Thanks Pam. I do try to get the most concentrated version of products. In a small boat this is almost mandatory. For instance, Dawn has a 4x version (Platinum?) that I keep aboard. One or two drops and I can wash up my dinner dishes. I repurposed an offhand soap container for my Dawn. That way I can easily dispense just a drop at a time.

Hoping your summer is going well. Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated. J.

Fruit Flys Be Gone! from Captain Fred on 16 Aug '20

Thank you for this simple and clear and EFFECTIVE way to be rid of fruit flies! I love bananas and those little buggers seem to come with them no matter what I do so NOW I have a great solution to obnoxious fruit flies thanks to you. Keep up the great work and THANKS AGAIN. PS - Your new picture at the top of your site is beautiful!

Thank you Cap'n Fred from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Aug '20

I am happy you found value in the fruit fly trap article. Those bugs are a menace. For me, having the means to eliminate 200 infestations is a Big Deal. Essentially, for just $8 I purchased a lifetime supply of bug killer. That the bottle of pills is about half the size of a single 16 ounce bottle of liquid apple cider vinegar makes a difference to me. Folks with larger homes with more storage space would not need to consider this.

Thanks Cap'n for your compliment, and the comment too. J.

Bug repellent from Coen on 21 Aug '20

Nica article, Janice! YOU might also consider putting some bay leaves in your food locker, or in a jar with flour. They keep bugs away, and you can also use them in a stew or other food to add flavor. Just don't eat them afterwards, they are hard and not nice at all!

Thanks Captain Coen. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 22 Aug '20

Thank you Sir. I had never considered putting bay leaves in. Y lockers before. That will be done and sounds like a good idea. I do scatter cotton balls with peppermint oil extract as a rodent deterrent. I have never (knock teak) had a mouse aboard and would like to keep that record intact.

Here life is good. It looks like I dodged those two storms which is good for me. The post boatyard list grows which is normal. Hoping all is well with you too... J.

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