boat toy from Pam on 23 Aug '20

I think of many uses for a h2O Blaster on a boat. Also good to have around to randomly squirt people with! Surprised that West Marine isn't selling them for $30 apiece (or maybe they are, I haven't checked). Dollar Store is a treasure, for sure. "If you're curious, no I do not own stock in Dollar Tree though I would not object to having some." 😄

True Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 25 Aug '20

There might be at least one person who can attest to not only the distance but also accuracy of a syringe. If you will pardon me, I shall look for some Brasso to polish that halo of mine.

Thanks for your note Pam. Oh yes, today at Dollar Tree I noticed Halloween articles were on display... in case you needed something. As for me, I am gearing up for Christmas. Your friend, J.

Water Blaster from Capatain Bligh on 27 Aug '20

Nice to see that you have been busy writing your articles again. Your articles and thoughts are much appreciated. The Water Blaster idea is a good one. So much so that I just went out and bought TWO, since they are only One Dollar each. As for Dollar Tree stock (DLTR), if you can learn how to manage a trade then you can go Long and go Short as the situation dictates. DLTR has ranged from about $70 a share to $115 over the past year. That is a gain of over 60% going Long and over 30% going Short. All in less than a year. It takes some studying but as smart as you are it might be worth the effort. Just saying. Keep up the good work.

Very interesting Cap'n Bligh from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Aug '20

Nearly 40 years ago I was interested in stocks. Maybe one day I will take the time to learn more. It would be fun... perhaps this winter, at anchor or on a mooring ball someplace south. Thanks for an interesting concept. J.

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