Keel building from Coen van Wyk on 25 Aug '20

Hi Janice, interesting article. You are probably right that they changed the design after discovering that she does not track well. Now I was wondering: you mention blueprints in the other article. Are these of your boat, or one of the later ones? And if not, can you find plans for one of the later boats? Working in glassfiber is messy but not terribly hard or expensive. It might be possible to build that keel, or bilge keels. At least that might be an idea to keep you busy with, I have all sorts of plans to modify my boat! As soon as I win the lottery...

keels from Pam on 26 Aug '20

I can emphasize with Seaweed, I don't always track true but keep putting along. 😄

Tracking Straight from Captain Wood on 27 Aug '20

Well...Seaweed has great lines and great character. Easy to see why you love her so. As Coen pointed out, fiberglass is messy but not difficult so when the time is right you can still add bilge keels so that she tracks the way you want her to. I have not Tracked Straight a day in my life but it has been fun and it has been an adventure. Seaweed is just normal as far as I am concerned. Cheers!

Me too Cap'n Coen from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Aug '20

As for the lottery, I suppose it helps to purchase a ticket. I would not change boats however I would trick out my girl. And she would shine...

Regarding the Schematic, that is the only one I have seen. It was taken from a scan of a magazine advertisement published eons ago. There is no door by the head.

At present I am rethinking. As I prefer short days steering isn't a big issue in the greater scheme of things.

Thank you for your input Cap'n regarding the use of fiberglass. I will keep that in mind. J.

That is true Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Aug '20

It is the folks that keep on going when life gets tough that seem the happiest and most successful at reaching goals. I am always impressed by resiliency. Boaters seem to have tbat more than many other groups, though that may be my bias showing through.

I hope all who read can find in themselves happiness too. Really Pam, my Seaweed is a continuing source of joy. I truly am blessed. Thank you for your comments. They too bring happiness. J.

Thanks Captain Wood from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Aug '20

I agree regarding the forging our own path. I canno imagine much worse than that poem "The Unknown Citizen" ... for me that would be a nightmare.

Thank you for your comment Sir. I love the input. J.

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