Shaft Key from Captain Blood on 30 Aug '20

Thank you for pointing out an important, even critical, component and potential weakness in the steering that we all ignore to our peril. Keep up the good work!

Too true Cap'n Blood from Janice aboard Seaweed on 30 Aug '20

Thank you Cap'n Blood. After I saw the picture of those holes nd the rudder post in the forefront, I was reminded of that keyway too. As this is something I suspect few view regularly I posted this alert. Hopefully others will find this piece useful I certainly know from personal experience how important steerage is. When that goes, boat life is about to get interesting!

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that. J.

shaft keys from Pam on 31 Aug '20

Amazing the things we learn about something we already know so much about. 🙂

I wish I was... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Sep '20

Oh Pam, how I wish that now I was even half as smart as I thought I was when I was a teenager!!! I "assumed" (an ugly word) that both the rudder and and regular shaft keys were the identical size. Sigh.

The picture opened my eyes to the size difference. Oops. I do not know that I will ever need these keys. As a new boat owner I don't believe that this is an immediate purchase. I've called Seaweed home for 13.5 years. Of course I have gathered a lot of spare parts. Maybe one day soon I will cover the topic.

Tonight I'm trying to finish up the latest. Life is great. Thanks Pam so much for your reply. I appreciate it. Your friend, J.

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