Irma from Pam on 30 Sep '17

I'm glad you are recovering/getting back to normal from the trauma Irma brought. When I first heard Irma had been upgraded to a Cat 5 hurricane, I was freaked out on your behalf. But, when you wrote that you were prepared I stopped the extreme worrying. I knew that you KNEW what to do and could gauge the situation accordingly. The government tried its best but couldn't didn't get important components right (like letting people return in a timely manner!) which compounded the stress and worry of all involved exponentially. With everything else going on you all didn't need that! So glad you, Sea Weed, and the birds made it through in fine shape.

True Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 1 Oct '17

In the greater scheme of things the delay was nothing when compared with those who were more greatly impacted. Nonetheless I would be remiss were I to ignore the not-so-good parts of my life. I probably should have toned down my fury at least in print!

I did have one fellow unsubscribe from the email list. That made me sad. I get it though. Such is life. Not all of this is fun.

Except yesterday which was Outstanding and involved three manatees. I've got to process the pictures and hopefully the neighbor will send those she took too. It was such an experience and of course I had left my cell phone on the bunk. Sigh.

Pam, had the phone been with me I could have shown you the belly of a very friendly manatee. They were playing with Algae. More on that hopefully tomorrow. Life aboard Seaweed is amazing. I am blessed.

Note to Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 1 Oct '17

P.S. Thanks too for your concern. Those along with the comments make my day. Thank you!

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