There you are! from Pam on 21 Nov '20

Welcome back, Janice. 😊 Good to hear that you got the problem sorted. Do worry too much, sometimes files get corrupted for no apparent reason. It's cold and wintry on the Upper Mississippi!

The Return of the Queen from Captain Quigley on 21 Nov '20

Welcome Back!!! We really missed you. We understand the frustration of computers. Generally I have a love / hate deal going on with them, and with the Tech World in general. They really are out to get us, you know. The picture of the screaming granddaughter is absolutely priceless. She will go far in this life. And your other granddaughter is the picture of happiness and elegance. You do really good work. Looking forward to more articles soon. You did say in a few days, right?!

It's wonderful to be back from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Nov '20

I've missed you too Pam. I am most likely quirky when it comes to writing. First everything has to be organized. When Seaweed is a mess my mind roams the To Do List and the writing is always disjointed. Not having those files cooperate was extremely frustrating.

I don't mind saying that the New Alternator Bracket article was pretty good too. Losing it was maddening.

If you're curious, first I open a folder called images/Uploaded. Those are the pictures taken that have not yet been used in previous articles. They are my springboard for new pieces. As I utilize a picture I shift it out of /Uploaded/ and into images. This allows me to keep track.

I use a lot of large pictures. So when I "lost" New Alternator Bracket, I also lost track of what has been used. To most I suspect this would be a non-issue. That's why I'm quirky. But this has generally speaking worked well for me. I haven't run out of ideas.

Additionally, I am honored that folks take the time to share my life. Thank you for being a part of life aboard Seaweed. J.

Ah, Cap'n Quigley from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Nov '20

Thank you for your compliments. The Original and Newest grands are indeed wonderful. I had a great time loving them at Disney. It was a fabulous vacation. I am indeed blessed.

I've been neglecting my inbox and have a scary number of unopened emails. If you want the details, 2,572 at present. That's a lot, even for me. Fortunately my radio started working again so I've got music. Fred Astaire is singing to me at present. Life is great.

Thank you Cap'n for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

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