That green thing from Pam on 4 Nov '19

I have no idea what the green thing is, but awesome that you found a good use for part of it. I would imagine that trying to reach for little bits that have fallen in the bilge to happen pretty often. At least for me that would be a major pastime. :) I hope you and Skipper are staying warm and cozy as winter approaches!

Green Gizmo from Cheryl on 4 Nov '19

The “green gizmo” is/was used to play bingo. The bingo chips had a ring of metal around the edges and you put the chip on the numbers, when game over you just waved the green gizmo magnet over your cards and it picked up all the chips.

Staying warm from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Nov '19

The weather here has been fabulous Pam I did put my 12-volt electric blanket under my bottom sheet. So far that has not been needed. I actually have been running the air conditioner. We're I at anchor that would be totally unnecessary. On the hook there is a breeze.

As for the back scratcher, I suspect it is not an item that would appear on a shopping list in the normal course of events. Once I had one though, well, I'll always have one aboard. It is so convenient! I'd almost suggest it imperative at least for soloists.

Thank you Pam for your comment. I appreciate that. J.

Thanks Cheryl from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Nov '19

Oh my goodness Cheryl. I do remember now about bingo but didn't realize chips had metal edges. I don't know that I've ever seen any except for the little plastic chips. That's nifty. Thanks for explaining it to me. J.

P.S. - I put away the Halloween decorations. Excitedly waiting for Christmas... That's my favorite holiday. Your friend, J.

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