Shopping! from Pam on 7 Nov '22

Nothing beats a good open air flea market/antique show. All sorts of items to shift through, interesting people to watch, and food stalls. Maybe finding a treasure. Bliss. 😊

True Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Nov '22

I absolutely love the hunt... and am grateful to have found one hook I particular. I had wanted (single hook just below the right shaft zinc) that one for at least three years. I've mounted it to the frame above the forward facing pilothouse window.

It has christmas potential. 🎄 I am totally looking forward to making Seaweed explode with holiday cheer... lights turn on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Music is already on, though I listen to my boys (Bing, Sinatra, Dino, Sammy, Rosemary Clooney and more) though the year. I am indeed so fortunate.

Thanks for your comment Pam. I hope your Halloween was terrific, filled with Brach's Autumn Mix plus Pumpkins. Your friend in the south, J.

Inaugural Madeira Beach Flea Market from Sid on 18 Nov '22

Terrific article and pictures. Boat people seem to just be more interesting than most others. Keep up the great work. You are special.

Cap'n Sid... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 19 Nov '22

I agree Sid... boat folks are unique. What I like most is seeing how others do things. Many of "my" ideas are actually adapted from how larger boats do things. I still remember the kindnesses shown by folks who let me take a peek at their floating homes.

I'm still working on various projects. The "get Seaweed ready for Christmas list" is being knocked out. Progress is happening, albeit slower than anticipated. Everything takes longer than planned. :)

I'll write more about one silly little half hour project (that took 4.5 hours, but...!) shortly. Thanks so much Cap'n Sid for your comment. It is appreciated. J.

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