Curtains from Pam on 8 Nov '18

The new panels make a very attractive valence, Janice. Well done, Ma'am. :) I'm always impressed by how you always seem to have something tucked away on SeaWeed that can be repurposed and put to good use.

Curtains from Steamboat Willie on 8 Nov '18

The Before and After pictures of your curtains are dramatically different and amazing. Nice Work!

Thank you Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Nov '18

Hi Pam. Actually when it came to the valance I only had the two squared ones initially. I had been using the larger one as a placemat. When the valance part failed due to my rather too enthusiastic washing with bleach fiasco, I started in earnest to shop for something more to go up there. Fortunately my friend Cheryl likes to thrift shop and there is one place that I find soft goods. I bought those three round doily-types there over two visits.

I was shopping for the square ones as they would be easier to sew place. That wasn't going to happen as I could not find more. I needed to fix it before the whole thing failed so, well, I went with what I had and could find. I am SO grateful Cheryl takes me with her on these hunting expeditions.

Truly it is the highlight of my shopping experience. I don't Need anything so it is a pleasure. To take a few dollars and go off to shop simply for fun is more important than many would imagine.

I did get to spend almost 20 minutes in Walmart just looking at Christmas decorations recently. Each year since the 1980's I have allowed myself the purchase of a single ornament with money being no object. It was the one thing I kept doing after the ex- left us in the early 90's. For me Christmas is not just the religious aspect -- nor the Shopping part either. It is the music and decorations.

One year when I was over in Pensacola Tina on S/V OraMae helped me decorate my tree. It was great having someone to share the experience with. I have missed that. As a solitary event it is not the same. Last year was probably the last one where I'll do the whole tree thing.

This year it will be a garland with my ornaments hung from said garland. I've already made the garland out of scraps of two fabric skirts. (That's an upcoming article.) I am still debating the tree thing. I'll see how the boat looks with just garland before I make a final decision.

I have my Christmas lights. The music is playing (Bing Crosby, Sinatra, Dino and more...)

The red tide may be prevalent however with the windows closed nobody can hear my holiday music. I was informed in no uncertain terms that Christmas has to wait until Thanksgiving. Argh. I'm suffering. And, as per last year will be making the turkey ahead of the holiday. It is more relaxing to have a bird before the Big Day. At least I had fun doing that last year. Same plan for this year...

Anyway, I've rambled. Thanks so much for your Comment Pam. It is appreciated. Stay warm. Your friend in the south, J.

1000 words, eh? from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Nov '18

Thank you Steamboat Willie. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm glad you could see the difference a few scraps of fabric made. For me, having my home look good is important. I enjoy sharing via the website. Thank you for your validation. It is appreciated. J.

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