Elagance afloat from Pam on 13 Nov '17

Oh absolutely, surrounding yourself with treasured or at least pleasing items is essential. Having some pretty dishes make all the difference when eating a good meal. Being on a boat, with limited space must make one think carefully about what is important and pleasing to have. That is a good thing! BTW: Love Skippers water dish. :)

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Nov '17

Having pretty things makes a big difference to me. I'm not sure if the fellows feel the same way. Still, visitors seem pleased though I am so happy aboard Seaweed that naysayers would only bother me a smidge.

During my Irma rant I lost one subscriber which did sting. Others replaced him so it did balance out. For me, I do see the bright side f life. And it's real hard to not have a great time in a boat in Florida!

The lockers are filled and I'm ready to go. The St. Pete boat show ends 3 December. One more grocery run to go. I am anxious. Can you tell?!?

Thank you Pam for your comments. They really make a huge difference. J.

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