Mucket from The Mick on 25 Nov '19

Great story about Mucket, and a glimpse into you as a little girl. You have a way with words that is almost magical. Love reading your writing. Please keep it up. It helps to escape for a little bit in this crazy world.

Thank you so much The Mick from Janice aboard Seaweed on 25 Nov '19

Gosh, it's nice to hear from you. Yes, I do wish there were pictures from back then. They were too expensive to develop. That's one great thing about cell phones nowadays.

The technology has made allowed a lot of regular folks to have photographs now, even if they are just digital. I'm glad for that.

Thank you The Mick for your compliment, and the comment. Both are appreciated.

Mucket from Pam on 26 Nov '19

He remembered you and stopped by to visit and say thank you for rescuing him that eventful day. How wonderful, both for you and Mucket. And thanks for the tutorial on how to paddle splash a foe. That will come in handy. ;)

Mucket from Gary on 26 Nov '19

Thanks for sharing all of the memories! Love your writing!!!!!

Mucket was a special boy from Janice aboard Seaweed on 26 Nov '19

Thank you Pam. You are correct. To have closure was quite a good thing. One always wonders about the wild things who share our space. I'm happy to know Mucket lived, and that he remembered me! I am truly blessed.

Oars can be much more than a means of propulsion. Even with my trolling motor I always keep oars in Algae. Two oars would be best however an oar plus one paddle does suffice. Motors quit, so having a back up pair of oars is smart.

IF you were of a mind... Accidentally of course, those giant syringes sold at DollarTree are good for emptying out bilges, and squirting water further than most imagine. Just saying, not that *I* would ever do such a thing without provocation mind you. J.

Thanks Gary! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 26 Nov '19

What a nice thing to say! I do enjoy writing. Someday maybe even a book. I truly am fortunate.

I am glad you liked the story of Mucket. J.

arsenal from Pam on 26 Nov '19

*Adds giant syringes to shopping list* ;)

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