Alternator bracket from Coen on 1 Jan '21

Glad you got the bracket fixed. And such a pity you need to go to the suppliers with a serial number. In the time any scrapyard would have had a few dozen brackets hanging from a rusty wire, and you would choose the nearest fot and hammer it until it was perfect. But that sort of workman seems to have disappeared. May your 2021 be full of travels and without breakdowns!

True Cap'n Coen. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 1 Jan '21

I really treasure those infrequent days when I can just write about the journey. Years ago i remember putting away my copy of Calder's. That event made my log book.

All the best to you and yours Cap'n. Happy boating too.

P.S. - Thank you for your comments and emails too. J.

Bracket from Pam on 1 Jan '21

Hi, Janice. Great that they worked with you to find the right replacement. (And you got a spare. Good deal!) Betsy is looking good with her new belts and hoses. What you went through to get her! Take care.

Bracket from Bud on 1 Jan '21

You are a terrific writer. Only you could make an alternator bracket article interesting and fun and educational.

I was impressed by Mike from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Jan '21

Pam. Sometimes it is little things that are frustrating. Because my kubota is marinized some things have been altered during the change over.

Mike at MG was helpful. He took time on a relatively small dollar sale. I mean I wasn't buying a large ticket item. And yes he was able to determine exactly what I needed. Two or three days later my brackets were delivered. Installation was a breeze as everything lined up perfectly.

The trip back was great with no issues. I was beating a weather system and made it to within sight my goal when the water pump stopped. This is normal. The first 100 hours of use a fan belt stretches. Readjusting via that spiffy alternator bracket is the norm. I expect to reposition the alternator at least two or three times more before the belt stops stretching. Fortunately mine is a fairly easy fix.

So that is life aboard Seaweed. I will admit to being happy my boat has access to shore power. When it is cold being able to turn on a small electric heater is easier than lighting my Aladdin Genie III lamp. The lamp does offer a perfectly wonderful way to toast marshmallows though...

Thanks Pam for your comment. If your boat ends up with a tractor engine be sure to keep MG Industrial Engines in mind. Mail order is wonderful. Your friend, J.

Thank you Bud from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Jan '21

How nice you are Bud to post the lovely compliment. It means a lot to me. I appreciate that. J.

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