Nicole from Pam on 16 Nov '22

Glad to hear that Nicole didn't cause you great trouble and that Buddy is fine. Now, please stop having hurricanes. Your little grapple hook looks dainty AND fierce.😁 Gale season has begun on Lake Superior. I love going to the North Shore. (This is from last fall, but you get the idea).

I confess Pam... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 16 Nov '22

Due to the strength (lack thereof) of Nicole helped enormously in my sense of well-being. I did put out the extra line (east of me) to hold me off the other boats.

Additionally I moved my plants inside. That was a pain. I have four hanging baskets out back.

One basket is another attempt at growing tomatoes. I've had three abject failures. The last netted a single golf-ball sized tomato. I would like to have a system that works for tomatoes... then I will move on to small cucumbers. At that point my salad growing will be complete.

I also have the aloe plant my friend Kim in Carrabelle gifted me. Later Cheryl gifted me one back that was a hitchhiker from the one I gave to Cheryl. Sharing plants is a thing out here. :) As it grows I get rid of (er, give to friends!) the big one, keeping the hitchhikers. I've got a lot of hitchhikers at this point. Aloe has medicinal properties so I do like having some aboard.

I've also got this vine thing from Colleen (a neighbor) plus a spider plant from Dee. The spider is a plant that keeps on giving! Dee gifted me a hanging spider plant years ago. Since then I have given her two LARGE baskets (okay -- the Dollar Tree hanging basket, but FILLED with spider plants) ... keeping a little one each time. Anyway, I'm so pleased that she was kind enough to give me one. I had wanted a Spider plant for a long time. Ditto whatever Colleen gave me. I am not sure what it is, but it started with seven leaves and now has too many to count!

That storm on Lake Superior is scary. The Edmund Fitzgerald comes to mind. I know that should I decide to do the loop I will NOT do any of the Great Lakes. There are boat transport companies that can trailer Seaweed to a safe spot, thus avoiding Michigan. I do want to go to Chicago to see Admiral Gallery's U-505 at the museum there. Back when I was a book seller one of my Daniel Gallery books went to that museum. He's a great writer. But I digress...

For those of us with small boats having the option to avoid rough water is in my view smart. Yes, I am careful regarding weather however some stretches are fraught with peril. As boating should be fun, I will do all I can to ensure that I am both safe, and having fun.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm getting the next vignette ready... perhaps tomorrow. Or the next day. I always think my proofreading will take less time that it actually does! Thank you for your comment, and the link to that video. Lake Superior is an amazing body of fresh water.

I do appreciate your comments. Take care and stay warm. Autumn is firmly here, and it is supposed to cool off this week. I'm getting ready for Christmas. :) Your friend in the south, J.

Professor Janice... from Sid on 18 Nov '22

Thank you, Professor Janice, for your numerous suggestions on how to make life on a boat better. The grappling hook is an excellent idea. Love your articles. Easy to read, lots of wonderful pictures. Thank you.

Thank you Cap'n Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 18 Nov '22

I confess Sid that I appreciate a good gizmo. This one has proven to be useful in more than one way. I am glad I own it. I don't know that this is critical gear (otherwise I would have a spare) however it is useful. I suspect folks might consider these more toward toy status.

Retrieval of a fender floating by is a potential use too. I believe that the only folks who buy new fenders are new boaters. The rest of us discover them floating or up against shorelines. Anyway, as you're a boater already I'm sure you know this. 😏

Thanks for your comment Cap'n Sid. It is appreciated. J.

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