Growing Tomatoes on Board from Sid on 10 Feb '23

Thanks for this article. Looks like growing tomatoes is definitely not for me. I love salads and your micro greens are a great idea, tomatoes not so much. That's OK. Can't have everything. Keep up the great work.

That's understandable Cap'n Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 10 Feb '23

Growing food is not easy. I enjoy it at present however for how long is a serious question, especially in light of online ordering. I would love to say I will continue indefinitely however that is unlikely. For now I am enjoying the process.

Knowing that at anchor I can have a fresh salad is nifty. We didn't have much produce when I was young as there was no refrigerator aboard our boat. That was for the rich folks. We would get ice occasionally however even that was difficult to acquire.

Life is easier now. I remember as a child yearning for salads and steaks. Those two were seldom on the menu. Don't feel bad for me though as I ate a lot of lobster, shrimp, fish, conch, scallops, so I definitely won the tasty food contest.

Thank you too for your comment. I added disclaimers regarding a couple of online grocery delivery services. Baby utilizes Publix and I am familiar with Walmart. It is quite convenient. Take care, and once again Sid, thank you for your comment. J.

Tomatoes! from Pam on 10 Feb '23

Hi, Janice. Having another go at the tomatoes. 😁 It looks like you might have success this time, with the blossoms and teeny tomato starts. I hope you end up with more than you know what to do with! Take care. 🤗

Thanks Pam... from janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Feb '23

Honestly my goal is to learn how/perfect the process then stop. Overcoming the challenge is the goal, not necessarily long term tomato growing. I made a LOT of mistakes while learning to grow my microgreens, so although I hoped for the best, I expected difficulties.

Actually I am getting ready to change gears. Instead of gardening as a hobby I plan on renewing my art. I have always loved sketching and painting at anchor. So I have been acquiring things to that end. I wonder what hobbies folks enjoy. I might have to ask that in an upcoming article. Thanks for the idea Pam.

The weather is perfect here. It has been an absolutely great winter with mostly cool (not cold) temperatures. I am so glad for that, and hope the rest of your winter is mild.

Take care Pam, and thank you for your comment. It is appreciated. Your friend in the south, J.

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