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colin d fitton on 14 May '19

Hi Janice, I've been reading your blog for some time and enjoy your writings. I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I've sent you $30 via pp. Hopefully it'll help you get that handhold installed or something. Regards, Colin

Cindy Clark from Plumb Branch, SC on 1 Mar '19

Hi Janice, I love the information on your site. I just bought a 47' Bluewater SC and love it. I have had to learn some things fast because of some issues with transport and just learning how to manage a boat. Not navigating it yet, need to get lessons soon. Learning a lot about living in a marina on a boat full time.

Russell Hopper from Toronto and Placida, Florida on 14 Feb '19

bad spelling - that is Sparhawk

Russell Hopper from Toronto and Placida, Florida on 14 Feb '19

I enjoy reading of your exploits / challenges / advice and so on. I retired last year and have been playing around on a Monk 36 for the winters in Florida. Like you (and Water Rat), there is nothing so enjoyable as just messing around in boats. N obody says you have to be full time to have a great time. Keep it up and I will keep on reading. My boat is Saprhawk so if you see me say hello. Cheers

Kevin Bjork from Baytown Texas on 16 Dec '18

Hi Janice. I've followed your blog off and on for a few years now and you were instrumental in me retiring a bit early. Thanks. I bought a trawler a couple of years ago. It needed lots of work and would not have been my first choice of boats. I love sailing but my wife not so much so we compromised. I figured we'll fix up the old trawler and cruise her a bit to see if she likes life afloat and then maybe later a sailboat. Your article about listening to your partner is spot on. Thanks again for sharing with us all. Kevin

troy martin from wrightsville beach, nc on 5 Nov '18

great website!

Sid from WA. State on 15 Oct '18

Hey Jan, r u ok? I have sent inquiries via the C&S forum as to your safety but no response. Let us know please, Sid.

Ray Heath from Wilmington, NC on 10 Oct '18

Janice, You all are in our prayers. Be safe!

Karim on 8 Aug '18

Lovely website and lovely lifestyle you lead here. I hope your day is going well. ( :

Jan of Farr & Above Artworks from Gulfport, FL on 4 Aug '18

Thanks for the nice article on the joys of Fresh Market Tuesdays in Gulfport. Hope to see you next time you & Skipper blow by! Jan

Rob on 10 Jun '18

I'm not able to leave a comment, the form is not happy with my email address. Here is the comment I'd like to second the advice to buy ONLY brand name "Vice Grips". Over the years off brands have always left me bleeding and unhappy.

William Entrekin from Redington Shores on 9 Jul '17

Hello, please contact me....I give you a wave each time you pass my dock! Bill