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23' mini-trawler
by Schucker

Janice aboard Seaweed,
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Trawler life on a nickel budget is possible.
I'm doing it and you can too.

Janice Marois, nautical journalist.
Accredited member of Boat Writers International.

2024 year Archive


  • 2024 St. Pete Boat Show Weekend. The new year has arrived and life is once again looking better for me. This weekend the St. Pete Boat Show is the place to be. I have been attending for several years, starting back in 2008 when a whole bunch of us came down to outfit a 40' sailboat for an around the world adventure. Boat show bargains were found in abundance. As always I am interested in new products coming onto the market. Viewing the boats for sale is quite illuminating too.
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the final articles from 2023...

  • 8awg Selector Switch Needed. In the beginning, aka the 50 Amp 125/250 Volt Power Plug Wiring How-To (4-wires) article, the dockside fellows and I were attempting to track down why one leg of a yacht's power was not functioning. The critical side is of course the one that is not working. The switch powering the air-conditioners functions perfectly. The one supplying power to the battery chargers for both 12-volt and 32-volt battery banks, along with the refrigerator, staterooms, and main salon has zero voltage. Isolating what part needed replacement is the next step in the troubleshooting process.
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  • Waters of Idalia. At the end of August Hurricane Idalia was heading north off the west coast of Florida. I was once again in a Mandatory Evacuation Zone. That means that the dock I am at is on a beach side versus the mainland. The storm was tracking northward and fortunately for me, she was offshore. Of course locals were all closely monitoring the storm.
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  • 50A Power Cord Option to Save Money. As mentioned in the previous article Troubleshooting a 50A Power Leg Problem, there are multiple ways to wire power into a boat. Most larger boats utilize 50A power. Today I will touch on one way to save money on wiring the inlets for power in your vessel. Aboard the yacht with the problem described in the Troubleshooting article, Sparky, the *ABYC certified wiring guy, installed multiple 50A 125/250V power cord inlets. This was both brilliant and dumb. Here is why.
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