Five dollars at a time from Pam on 6 Jan '18

Excellent points, Janice - and a couple of them made me chuckle. 'Women have a distinct advantage over men. We are more willing to admit that we aren't 25 years old any more.' ;) Those of us over 50 can relate to paying for over exerting ourselves, and it keeps getting easier to do so! The photo of the bean stew made me hungry; off to raid the fridge.

Bean soup from Janice aboard Seaweed on 7 Jan '18

Bean soup is good. I made a pot of fire a few days ago too. It was supposed to be chili however I can state unequivocally that adding eleven dried chili peppers to the crock pot (admittedly a large one) was a poor idea! I could have used it to peel the paint off a piece of wood. Sigh.

So I cooked about 3/4's pound of dried black eyed peas and added it to the concoction. That worked. I like it. It is a big pot and I will no doubt be cured of my chili desires before too much time. I should can a few jars for later. But not today.

Today I want to get bunches of pictures processed. I named them yesterday. Next to crop, add arrows where necessary, etc. It is a process. With the weather such as it is, having something to do inside is okay. Of course there is that new Kindle book...

Thanks so much for your comment Pam. I do appreciate all. Comments keep me motivated! Your friend in the south, J.

Chili from Pam on 8 Jan '18

Whee!! '...adding eleven dried chili peppers to the crock pot." :)

Enthusiasm over common sense from Janice aboard Seaweed on 8 Jan '18

I had no idea that the bodies were super hot too. Well, live and learn. Next time maybe three. Or just one if it is my small crockpot. Growing a recipe is not a strong suit.

I've been adding zucchini to my bowls. Hoping the veggies should be healthier. I like the flavor for certain.

My good intentions regarding the photos were for naught. I did read another book though. Tomorrow I'd like to go to McDonald's for breakfast. Rain is forecast so all will depend upon the weather.

Hope you're staying warm. Thanks so much for your reply. It made me laugh. J.

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