Bar stock keys from Pam on 14 Jan '20

Note to self: Add bar stock spares to list when I buy my boat. This is a very good thing to know before you HAVE to know it! :) Now I'm going to Google boat bar stock keys and learn all about it. I love this part (learning things I never would have otherwise) of boat interest!

The next article tells that part Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Jan '20

I am seriously trying to cut the length of articles. Next up explains more fully purpose and has pictures. Details are almost finished. J.

This is such a low cost item though. When I sheared the one at my prop, I was dead in the water. Replaced with one that rusted. That was VERY ugly. But, small town, no access to better and the "this might work" bit... Suffice it to say, that was a bad decision. Details upcoming.

Thank you Pam for commenting. I really appreciate that. Looking forward to meeting you along the waterways some day. J.

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