Where to find people from Pam on 21 Mar '19

Good tips on frequenting places that attract the type of person you'd like to meet!

Exactly right Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 22 Mar '19

Women have the advantage here in that I believe we are more open to learning "manly" stuff. Most of the men I know are a bit wary of "girl things" such as sewing. That's really silly too!

A friend of mine on Moonlight Sue is a great stitcher. He's got a sailrite machine (I think -- heavy duty in any event) and can make sails, repair canvas, etc. I know he brought his machine up to the lounge area at C-Quarters and was immediately inundated with any number of boat projects from fellow cruisers. I did resist the urge, though it was tough. One of these days I will get out my canvas that is for the bow and finish that dang project. Honestly, it's not that difficult -- just cumbersome.

Anyway, check out your local West Marine store (if you have one) for classes and seminars. Often they are interesting, and you'll meet local boaters.

Good luck! And thanks for your comment. I appreciate that. J.

Women, Part 2 from Captain Jonah - Perth, Australia on 23 Mar '19

You are sneaking up on practical tips for meeting the right woman. Looking forward to more. Please be specific. Men need direction. Also, there is a sort of Janice Aboard Seaweed club here in Perth. Whenever one of your new articles is published we use it as an excuse to meet at a waterfront pub, discuss your articles and shoot the blarney. Keep it up. There are ten of us here.

Gosh Cap'n, you are so nice! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Mar '19

What a perfectly delightful person you are. I can well imagine enjoying gathering with friends to shoot the breeze or blarney! I am honored. Thank you Sir.

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