Watermaker from Captain Sid on 21 Mar '22

Try Depco again and see if they can come up with a substitute pump. Try Salt Creek boatyard in downtown St. Pete, speak with Tom the manager. He may know somebody who knows somebody who might have a lead on another pump. Have you called Jessie and asked him for suggestions? This pump situation is very solvable. Good luck! PS - Call Fred. He is a great guy and has been in the St. Pete area all his life. He knows boats, their systems, their electronics, their plumbing and he knows most everyone who has anything to do with boats. Brainstorm with him over the phone.

Thank you Cap'n Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 21 Mar '22

Those are all good suggestions. Thank you Cap'n.

Katy from Pam on 22 Mar '22

I can't offer any practical advice, Janice but am rooting for you and Katy! I know someone can help you out. 🤗

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 23 Mar '22

I've placed the call to California (Katadyn). Their tech support gent, Stefan, did call back.

Side Note: I began using this in 2016, (I checked), so I've definitely passed the 1000 hours mark.

Katadyn no longer offers factory service after the 12-year mark. I had purchased an unused watermaker. The sailor had purchased when outfitting his boat. I was fortunate to get this unit. The 12-volt ones are Perfect for Seaweed.

In any event, California Stefan suggested a local place which I am attempting to get through to. I left a message and am awaiting a call back. So, that is where I stand with regards to Katy.

I am hopeful that I will be able to hire an expert who does this regularly. This looks way more complicated than I am comfortable attempting.

Other options would be to purchase a new pump. For that I will call Depco back. My preference would be to rebuild, maybe!!! These are the issues boat folks regularly debate. I'm not certain any answer is perfect.

So that is life aboard Seaweed. Thanks Pam for your encouragement. It is appreciated. J.

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