ciguatera from Pam on 2 Jun '21

Hi, Janice. Barracuda teeth remind me of Northern Pike that are found in the waters around here.Pike have a mouthful of teeth and a cranky disposition. I read the article you kindly provided, I had no idea this was a thing. "The ciguatera toxin may be found in large reef fish, most commonly barracuda, grouper, red snapper, eel, amberjack, sea bass, and Spanish mackerel."

Barracuda from Captain Rabb on 21 Jun '21

Two reasons to observe Barracuda from afar - 1. They have very sharp teeth and are extremely territorial. I have dived many times around them and they WILL NOT BACK DOWN when you get close to them. They have no fear; 2. Some years ago Barracuda were videotaped in the Florida Keys leaping out of the water and attacking people on boats. Lots of damage and lots of blood. So my personal rule is I leave them alone and they leave me alone. If I happen to catch one while fishing then I gently unhook him and release him back into his environment. Barracuda are to be respected.

I've seen pike Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 8 Aug '21

Those things look formidable. The gar also have a mouthful of teeth. They are definitely predators. Although the toxins are found in many fish, it is cumulative. Thus smaller "lower on the food chain" fish are often considered the better option.

Fishing is fun though I'm certainly no expert. Fish do not fear me. Still, I will admit reeling in a 'cuda is exciting.

Thank you for your comment Pam.

My little Acer netbook finally failed. The one I bought to replace it arrived unusable. The second one I bought works great EXCEPT the little : sign used in web addresses displays as one of those Spanish n thingies. That won't work so I've got a fourth unit. I swear (in multiple languages, albeit in mute mode) that netbooks are on the way out. I simply love the simplicity of a Toshiba netbook. I understand them, especially after using them for more than a dozen years. A laptop wouldn't fit on my desk so I've got to find and keep these for a long time. Now I've got a spare, thought hat Spanish n symbol has to be resolved. I'm certain I can change the letter back to what it is supposed to be, but not today. Today I am pondering my manatees... more on that in the next piece. Thank you again for your comments. I appreciate that. J.

Wow Cap'n Rabb... from Janice aboard Seaweed on 8 Aug '21

I've never seen the barracuda jump so that's got to be scary. I cannot (nor do I want to!) imagine an enraged barracuda with all teeth and fins attacking. They can definitely do a lot of damage.

Thanks too for reminding me that barracuda do not back down. I remember giving certain points of islands a wide berth due to barracuda. Now that you've written, the sparks of memories have flooded back. That's wonderful. Thank you Cap'n Rabb!!!

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