Schucker 440 from Jeremy on 16 Jul '19

I am considering a schucker 440 but I was wondering what is the sail only speed and motor only top speed and also motor sailing what's your fuel consumption. And I was wondering how is she off shore I heard there like a bobber in the water cause of there shallow draft I live in the Puget sound but also want to go off shore for some tuna fishing

Schucker440 from Cheryl Johnson on 23 Jul '19

The sail only speed obviously depends on wind conditions but under full sail and optimal wind conditions you may get about 6 knots, motor only top speed with our Perkins 4236 which is 85hp is 6.5 knots. Fuel consumption is approx. 1.5 got. They are heavy boat and very seakindly. We put bilge keels on ours to help with tracking when Just motoring. They are true Motorsailers, we rarely just sail or just motor. Very comfortable tough boat.

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