Your absence from Captain Mick - Boot Key Harbor on 9 Jun '20

Welcome back! We missed you. We thought you had abandoned us and run off with some handsome swashbuckler. We are glad to see that you are back home and safe. Congratulations on your second granddaughter. They are both SO beautiful. We are hoping that you will get back into writing and that we can much more frequently read about you and Seaweed and your adventures. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Cap'n Mick. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 9 Jun '20

Gosh, I wish I was in Boot Key harbor, or at least some place in the keys. You're a lucky man! Also, thank you for the welcome back. I was almost afraid folks would forget about me. It's great to have friends. J.

WORRIED!!!!!!!! from Claudia on 9 Jun '20

Oh my gosh I was so happy to see this in my inbox. I have been so worried about you because of the long absence in your correspondence. I am happy to see you had wonderful family time but sorry to hear of your battery and mood travails. Please don’t stay away so long again.... how can we check on you if we are concerned?

Nice pictures grandma! from Rob on 9 Jun '20

I'm glad you're doing ok and you had a good trip...bummer about the batteries!

Hi Claudia. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 9 Jun '20

I'm here, though I was up in your neck of the woods so to speak. You have No Idea how glad I was to have the Verizon tablet. Nothing else works in the woods where Baby lives.

Thank you for your kind note. You can always email me though I admit to a huge backlog of unread emails. or

Thank you Rob from Janice aboard Seaweed on 9 Jun '20

This grandma thing is great. I am truly fortunate. The batts were a catastrophe that money fixed. At least I was able to replace them. Buying the replacements was not easy. Stocks were diminished.

P.S. Thanks for your note. J.

Phew! from Pam on 10 Jun '20

You have an absolutely beautiful new grandbaby, Janice. I'm so happy for you! Big sister has grown so much and looks like you. So glad you and skipper are back safely on SeaWeed. The rift in the continuum has been repaired. :) Welcome home.

Congratulations! from Marsha Paulekas on 10 Jun '20

Nice to see you in my inbox! Congrats on the newest addition. Sorry about your batteries. Always something on a boat!! Take care and stay well.

Hi Marsha. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 10 Jun '20

New babies are such fun. She actually fell asleep in my arms. Wow. I am blessed.

As for the batteries, you're correct. It's always something. I rather enjoy the challenge. This one was a relatively easy though costly fix. On the bright side however by the time these batteries are at the end of their lifespan I hope new technology will have better, lighter weight options.

Thanks for your kind note Marsha. J.

Rift in the continuum from Janice aboard Seaweed on 10 Jun '20

Pam... your description has struck a chord. That's what this craziness is. Where is Q when we need him?

Thanks re Newest. She is special. The two girls are amazing.

Thank you for your posts. I did not check email for months so got far behind. I'm back writing which does give me purpose. It's fun. Thank you for encouragement. Your friend, J.

We miss you from The Kidlet on 10 Jun '20

Sorry about all those steps. I miss you terribly! This was one of my favorite articles. And yes I read your stuff :)

We miss you from The Kidlet on 10 Jun '20

The fact that TSA let you get through with a pocket knife and stopped you for those still cracks me up... yet mom... next time don’t bring a knife on a plane 🤣

Knife on a plane from Pam on 10 Jun '20

Tee hee! 😄 "yet mom... next time don’t bring a knife on a plane"

Kidlet from The Mom on 11 Jun '20

I miss you Two. As for the pocket knife, well, TSA didn't question that. It is small after all. Hahaha. Oh my goodness... I had actually forgotten about that part. Thanks for the reminder Kidlet. I love you Two. The Mom.

I know Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Jun '20

I won't Pam. I do always have a small pocket knife with me. It's handy for cutting a slice of pound cake, or stirring coffee. Mostly though I have used it for spreading cream cheese on bagels. Yummy.

congrats from Gary on 17 Jun '20

Hi Janice and welcome back. Another Grand! Well done! I'm glad that you are back and posting again. Great trip and photos. Thank you for sharing! Cheers, Gary

Thanks Cap'n Gary. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 17 Jun '20

It is great to be writing again. I am truly so fortunate. The world went crazy for a while. Thank goodness for our boats, eh? Happy boating to you too. J.

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