Staying cool from Pam on 10 Jun '19

Staying cool during a Florida summer is no small feat. It appears you've found a good way to button up SeaWeed and be comfortable during the hottest part of the day. I bet Skipper appreciates it also. Sipping iced tea, reading, and nibbling on cinnamon-sprinkled, chilled apple slices sound decadent to me! :)

It is a decadent life Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Jun '19

Summertime, well let's just say that I appreciate being at a dock. The power cord is my friend. I am grateful.

At the same time I do want to take my home out... Just not as spunky as I thought I would be. Yet!

It is nice Pam to take this opportunity to relax. I have a new article done so am making progress. I do tend to be happiest when able to upload more frequently. Your comments mean a tremendous lot to me. They keep me going, so thank you!

Cooling at anchor vs. at the dock from Keith Wolfe on 11 Jun '19

The boat SV Grace (shown above in Pelican Bay, FL and taken by Cheryl 05/2019) is definitely cooler at anchor than at the dock. We only use the A/C when at the dock as the boat has a nice airflow to keep us cool at anchor. Take care of that arm and we'll see you out here soon.

Thanks Keith from Janice aboard Seaweed on 11 Jun '19

Hi Keith. At anchor with the large windows our Schuckers have it is indeed usually cooler than many other boats. You've got a distinct advantage with the overhang above the windows. That helps, far more than most people realize. That's why I added the picture of your boat to the article.

Side Note: If you look (front page of website) right column, under Boats, alphabetically, you'll find your Grace, plus direct links to any article where she's mentioned.

Yes, I know Cheryl took the photo. Her Copyright was added. She kindly allowed me to use it. She takes the best photos -- definitely that lady has an eye for photography. I appreciate that she has allowed me to share them here.

Plus, it was a perfect shot of a shaded side deck and windows! Cheryl takes better pictures on a moving boat than I do on dry ground. Her horizons are straight. It's the bane of my photography -- getting horizontals flat. Years ago I had a program that would allow me to adjust pictures by degrees. I haven't looked for it but one of these days I will.

In the meantime I try to fix 'em up via Paint. It's old, but it works at least for me. I am already dreading when I have to upgrade to Win10. I'm still living in my Win7 bubble and enjoying it!

Thanks for your Comment Keith. I did remove C's last name, as that's a matter of privacy for her. She hadn't given me permission to use it, so I don't. Your friend, J.

P.S. I too look forward to getting away from the dock. At present I'm healing, albeit a lot slower than I anticipated. The Tens unit did come yesterday. The verdict is still out though it is distracting me, so in that regard this might just be a winner. We shall see. I'm hopeful. Thank you again. J.

Cool Runnin' from Captain Kidd on 2 Jul '19

Excellent article, especially for those of us who live full time on a boat - winter, spring, summer and fall. In the Southeastern United States, my cruising area for over 40 years, weather during winter, spring and fall can be very pleasant. Mid summer when both temperature and humidity can both often hit 100 can be a bit of a trial, especially as I get on in years. So your offering on Tips for Keeping my Boat Cool is really welcome this time of year. The Bunny Trails just call for extra effort to get through but they really are fun to read. Keep up the good work, lass.

Thank you Captain Kidd. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 3 Jul '19

I too know how bad the humidity has been this year. It seems worse than ever before. Ugh.

As for the bunny trails, yes I do tend to meander. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate both. J.

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