Eating from Pam on 18 Jun '18

Congratulations on finding a sensible, effective, and doable approach, Janice. And great results! The best part is that it's sustainable as a lifestyle change and simple. Until just a few years ago I was able to eat like a 12 year old (anything and lots of it). But, no more. It was a big adjustment and I tried many diets without success. What has finally worked for me is somewhat similar to your approach. My rule is no snacks. I realized that most of my eating was done by snacking. I don't eat until I get hungry in the morning (around 10 or later). A little cereal and berries usually. Then I'm fine until dinner which is a full meal (veggies prominent) that I enjoy. My no snacking rule means that I'm not eating later in the evening. The weight has dropped off and I'm fine with the change in my eating habits. If I do want a treat that's OK on occasion (mini-donuts at the State Fair). I think we've stumbled, in our own ways, onto changes that work. :)

Lifestyle changes from Janice aboard Seaweed on 18 Jun '18

Yours is a good plan too. One of my many weaknesses is the mint flavored M&M's ... They are a serious detriment to these last dozen pounds. Gosh though, they are delicious and I keep thinking I can just eat a few.

Well I cannot. The entire bag is definitely not a Single Serving though I can polish off a Sharing Bag. I am not proud of that. It shows weakness.

On the other hand I have made a lot of success. For my height I am fine, in the middle of the scale for Normal BMI. I do remember how pleased I was to finally be normal. Hahaha.

Thanks for commenting Pam. I am quite frankly concerned because I put out my numbers. It is embarrassing to admit how large I had gotten. I feel so much better now. Healthier, more fit... Finding the key that works for me, your lifestyle change adapted for my situation, was the key. I hope someone who is teetering, may find something to work with that brings them success.

Thanks again Pam. Congratulations on your success. I may add the snack component, excluding mint M&M's. I am weak for them. $3 a bag at Walmart... Take care girl. See you on the waterways. J.

Eating from Pam on 19 Jun '18

Ya know, just before I read your reply I was thinking how brave it was that you shared your numbers. It may not seem like a big deal to men, but for us it is. Well done, Ma'am. :)

Thanks Pam! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 19 Jun '18

Women I believe want details. So I provided them, with trepidation. I appreciate your confirmation of same. Lots going on here...

More, tomorrow. J.

Thanks for the inspiration. from Mick on 22 Jun '18

Well done, Janice. Very well done. Thank you for a simple formula, no food after sunset, that we can all follow. I am going to see if I can narrow my food window, maybe no more than six hours a day ending with sunset.

Good luck Mick from Janice aboard Seaweed on 22 Jun '18

Like Pam says, the dieting/losing weight process is a matter of finding something we candoc in the long term. For me restrictions of food and food categories did not work. Alas, I have no restraint.

My decision to post this is twofold.
#) I have kept the weight off for a long term. I am still able to keep with it.
#2) For others now is an adventageous time to begin. Though 7:30 worked for me I might suggest to not feel deprived, that is a bit too early initially. Try dusk. Then as the sun sets earlier, stop earlier. That's just me, and goodness knows I am not a nutritionist nor an expert in losing weight.

Addendum: in the winter I tried backing my time up to dusk. That was untenable. A lot of social life occurs earlier. When I attempted a 5 p.m. cutoff I failed. That was too early.

Cheating for this occasion and that one started me back on the wrong pathway. It was a matter of control.

One fun reward is that literally nothing doesn't fit. That is a huge benefit for me. I feel better about my appearance.

Anyway Mick, I wish you much success. Please stay the course and keep me informed of your progress. Your friend in St. Pete, J.

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