Stainless source from Ahab on 29 Jun '18

Yes! Manly project. Manly sources. Manly information. Manly techniques. Fine Article. Thank you very much!

Writing style from Ahab on 29 Jun '18

You really are a gifted writer and presenter. Love your layout and format, your writing style, the number and size of your pictures and the font size of your words. You make reading your articles very easy. Thank you.

Thanks Ahab from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Jun '18

It is always nice to hear when you like an article. Yes, the testosterone levels did increase for this one. Manly, eh? I am glad you are pleased.

Summer has arrived with heat and afternoon thunderstorms. Hoping all is well in your neckof the world. Thank you again for your input. J.

Handles from Pam on 30 Jun '18

That's some good, stout hardware that will serve you well, Janice. And it looks good also. :) No more smashing fingers!

Definitely Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 1 Jul '18

Those are great Pam. I had been looking, friends too were checking. The dang things are either expensive or rust-in-waiting. To check I put a magnet on hardware. At places like Home Depot, the magnet sticks to every handle. Ugh.

Years ago my friend Rocky gave me a handle just like the ones I bought. That is a hand hold down in my head. Having a secure place to grip when the boat rocks is important for safety. Any place I reach there is a handle of some sort.

These will be most excellent for opening the doors. I bashed the heck out of my thumb. It was ugly colors for quite some time. Typing was almost impossible. It was amazing how often I use my thumb. I was surprised.

Such is life in rainy south Florida. I'm doing a short load and hoping all will dry quickly.

Your friend, J.

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