Crops from Pam on 23 Jul '18

The scallions look very pretty growing in your bowl. Win/win, you have something that looks nice and food from it. Do you still grow sprouts? I think the plant might be Golden Lemon Thyme.

Lemon thyme! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 25 Jul '18

Thanks so much Pam. I will be on the lookout for that. It was such a pleasant plant. I look forward to growing more in me of my hanging baskets.

Summer has arrived. We are having afternoon thunderstorms and blustery winds each day. The humidity is high however the winds do help keep it bearable. Such is life here. Hoping all is well with you. Thanks again for the plant identification. That along with your comment is appreciated.

And yes, I am still growing sprouts. Every day I start a new small batch. That and apples. I'm enjoying apples every day. Three small ones today... It seems like I blink and the bag is gone. They are delicious and have replaced my affinity for the Mandarin oranges of late. I tried Gala yesterday. They are sweet with a good texture. Usually I have red delicious.

I am getting ready to do a bilge cleaning. I had meant to start earlier this week however it looks like next week will be more practical. Always busy here... Hoping your summer is progressing well. Your friend in the south, J.

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