A great idea but... from Keith Wolfe on 29 Jul '21

I work in IT online so I needed an internet connection. A few years back when the wife and I moved aboard our Schucker 436 "Grace", I purchased a Wirie WiFi/cell extender. It was to be used to connect to hotspots on shore and from them my work location. It worked too! However, when the national provider providing those hotspots was bought and merged, the hotspot policy changed. The new owners throttled hotspot connections down to allow only text messages to get through which wouldn't support my type of connections. So the $1000 device became nearly useless. Because it did include a cellphone type hotspot connected to AT&T it did save the day once when I got caught in a pass at low tide and couldn't get out. The extra help from the Wirie gave me just enough cell signal from AT&T to work the next day. For me the Wirie was a great idea but changes in the hotspots I connected to limited its usefulness. I had to purchase an additional smartphone on a non-AT&T network to use as a hotpot for internet.

Ouch! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 30 Jul '21

Thanks for the reminder re wirie. I too remember when it was The solution. Alas, I is one of many who start out superb and then lose the connectivity that was promised. Personally, I'm waiting for Elon Musk and Starlink.

On this coast (Florida gulf coast) I've only found the Big Bend area as a bad spot with Verizon. It is the only one that works where my Kidlet lives outside of Pensacola.

The good thing is that for many folks texting will function when calling won't. One of my friends has T-Mobile and inside his home the phone only rings when the stars align. Text messages show up either immediately or hours later.

Finding what works in a specific area is good. Then we move our boats and have to start over again. Argh!

Still, it's hard to complain when we are so fortunate. I'm glad you, your bride and Grace are well. Take care. J.

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