Credit card security from Pam on 28 Jul '20

My cc and checking account notifications have come in handy on several occasions, and I really appreciate the almost real-time headsup they provide. Glad you were able to shutdown shenanigans with your card right away. Stay safe, Janice.

That's true Pam from Janice aboard Seaweed on 28 Jul '20

The inconvenience Pam is that I'm in the boatyard spending money which is to be expected. However, until the new card arrives and is turned on I cannot pay the yard! Of course I told the yard manager immediately however this is a source of embarrassment for me. Quite naturally you don't get splashed until you pay. Fortunately the new card should arrive Wednesday or Thursday.

Then I will turn on the card, notify the credit card company the amount of the bill, and finally process the bill for this portion of the haulout.

Then next article (half written) details how I broke down on the way to the yard, and my hopefully permanent solution. It's not my idea though. Actually I have been enamored since the Manatee Moves article.

As always, thank you so much for your encouragement and comments. I really appreciate both. Your friend, J.

Credit card fraud from Captain Mick on 28 Jul '20

Is it possible that those small credit card charges were a test run to see if you would react quickly, so that the bad guys could hit your card for much bigger charges a little later? Also, you always come across as an intelligent woman so I am wondering why you only have one credit card and one method of payment? Could you not have paid the boat yard via a debit transfer from your main cash account? Wouldn't you want to carry at least two different credit cards so that you would likely always have a way to make a payment? Just curious. Congratulations on the work being done to Seaweed in the boat yard. Which boat yard are you at and would you recommend them for your subscribers? All the best. Smooth seas. Blue skies. Captain Mick, Florida Keys Back Country.

Manatee from Pam on 28 Jul '20

Oh, are you getting an outboard to stick on Algae?! Little tow boat for breakdowns?

Yes Cap'n Mick from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Jul '20

You are absolutely correct Captain. A couple of test charges, and then the bad guys would spend, spend, spend. It could have been much worse. Fortunately I was able to immediately stop the bad guys.

As for why I did not have a second card, that is pure dumb. I had stopped using both my Discover and Chase cards. Though I still have the cards technically, neither in my possession are current so they won't work either. I should have been smarter about having two ways to spend money. Argh! Thank you for confirming my thoughts. That is appreciated.

I have been very impressed with Salt Creek Boatyard. The workers here are amazing, talented and professional. Trusted friends have used this yard for many years, so I trusted them. My faith was rewarded. Truly I am so relieved to have this nearly behind me.

Except for the payment part. I am terribly embarrassed, and self-inflicted stress abounds!!!

You sir, in are where I want to be. The Florida Keys are dear to my heart. I NEED to get back there. Soon, I hope.

This boatyard visit has ensured my success for many years in the future. Well, as soon as the rest of the work is done that is. Wish me luck... J.

Almost Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 29 Jul '20

You are astute, however my plan differs slightly. More is upcoming. Yes, an outboard is involved though.

One thing boaters do with regularity is take an idea, then modify it for our own boats. It is a major reason why I love going aboard other boat homes. Once you live on a boat, most of us change stuff.

I add things, such as cigarette outlets, and now transitioning to USB outlets. In the middle I had strung cable for my wifi antenna, and also for speakers. Technology improved, so those are are now wireless. Anyway, I am rambling. I'll hush now and get started on the credit card. I need to check to see if the new one has been delivered.

Thanks for your reply Pam. You made me smile. Your friend, J.

Isaias from martin weiss on 30 Jul '20

are you going to seek shelter from this storm?

As a matter of fact Cap'n Martin from Janice aboard Seaweed on 14 Aug '20

I was relaunched last week. The boatyard is relatively protected. Through the years my greatest fear in regard to storms has been fetch. I am currently tucked partially up a small river. In many ways it is ideal... EXCEPT

My gosh darn outboard is still not here. To be clear, I'm 100% happy with the boatyard. The outboard dealer is another matter entirely.

On the way to the boatyard I overheated. Though the new water pump resolved that there are new problems popping up. That is why I am semi-patient while I await the outboatd. Still, I will confess that my sense of humor has been strained. The dealer has not been proactive about keeping me informed. Argh.

Truly though Cap'n, it is hard to be too cranky when I'm safe, afloat, and living aboard Seaweed. It is not a rough life though I suspect my birds, and especially Buddy, have missed their hotdogs.

Thank you for your note. I do apologize for the delay. A few years back a reader passed along his 10" Windows netbook which has served me well. It is finally no longer cooperative, so I'm shopping for another. It has been an expensive month so I am experiencing trepidation at spending money. Until the engine room issues are resolved, I'm holding off on extraneous purchases. I started with one problem, fixed two, and now have three more requiring attention!!! Yes, she's definitely a boat, eh?!? I'll be messing with those tomorrow in all that spare time of mine. Anyway, I do thank you for your note. It means a lot to me. Thanks. J.

Update for Cap'n Marty. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 15 Aug '20

Patience is at its end. I replaced the fan belt, re-adjusted the alternator, removed and replaced the fuel return line. She runs, well, and I am free. Still, I'm waiting until Monday for the confrontation.

Wish me luck!

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