Cinnamon Apples from Capt. Ahab on 2 Aug '18

Thank you for this article. I love apples and I love cinnamon, and now I have a great tasting, healthy snack to savor and to fight off hunger any time of day or night. You are such a treasure.

Cinnamon from Sid on 2 Aug '18

I also add cinnamon to my morning oatmeal. An added bonus is cinnamon is supposed to be good for blood sugar control. I am diabetic.

Yum from Pam on 2 Aug '18

I love apples and I love the taste of cinnamon. I frequently make some variation of your treat for myself!

Thanks for the compliment from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Aug '18

Your kind words have warmed my heart Cap'n Ahab. Thank you Sir. I appreciate your note. J.

Good news Captain Sid. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Aug '18

I have read about the health benefits of cinnamon. I confess that oatmeal comes and goes from my diet. Of late I have not made any. I will have to do that soon. Thanks Cap'n Did. And thank you for your comment. J.

Thanks Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Aug '18

Last winter I nuked a lot of apples. Heck, I even did the same earlier this summer. Finally I tried fresh from the fridge and that pleased me. Apples feel decadent yes are good for me -- better than the bag of mint M&M's I was tempted to purchase yesterday! Your friend in the south, J.

P.S. Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate it.

Apple Peeler and Corer from Keith Wolfe on 2 Aug '18

We have used an Apple Peeler and Corer like the one at the Amazon link below. They make the task super easy!

Thanks Keith from Janice aboard Seaweed on 2 Aug '18

Those are interesting. I believe my grandma had something similar. Chilled apples are great. I am enjoying them immensely.

It was nice to see you and Janet the other evening. Good times with good friends... Thanks for your

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