Birds from Brother Bart on 4 Aug '23

Two wonderful articles on your feathered friends. Well done. You are indeed very fortunate to have such great neighbors. Keep up the great work.

Babies from Pam on 4 Aug '23

Thank you for the 'rest of the story.' It's good to know two of them thrived and will soon be off to live their own little lives.😊 Is it still blistering hot there, or starting to moderate? We're unusually hot and soggy here.

Thanks Brother Bart from Janice aboard Seaweed on 4 Aug '23

Great neighbors is so true. I am indeed fortunate. The babies are flying well. I expect they will disappear soon. If you can check a chart of Boca Ciega bay you will see many small islets. Check out this chart.

Thank you so much for your comment Brother Bart. And thank you for sharing my world. J.

Humidity!!! from Janice aboard Seaweed on 5 Aug '23

Oh Pam, it is so humid walking is like traversing a tropical jungle. Ugh. Soggy is a great description.

The kids just flew in and attempted to land on the railing for the bimini on the boat next to me. Flying is good, walking is fine, however the birds need to work on landings. 😄

Thanks for your comment. We shall have to commiserate the soggy weather some day at anchor. J.

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