Flares! from Pam on 14 Aug '20

I can think of many entertaining activities with expired flares. All of them illegal, I'm sure. 😁

Flares from Captain Sid on 14 Aug '20

"Outdated. For Demonstration Purposes Only" What a great idea. Keep them separate but available and not wasted. You continue to come up with great ideas. Thank you.

Me too Pam. from Janice aboard Seaweed on 15 Aug '20

I believe it was Bruce Van Sant in his Tricks of the Trades book who advocated using flares as a deterrent to malicious boarders. Incidentally, that's a great book if you plan on island hopping. I would reccomend it for purchase, even at retail prices. The information is actually in his Gentleman's Guide to Passages South, however as a separate book it is easier to reference. I have both. J.

Thanks Cap'n Sid from Janice aboard Seaweed on 15 Aug '20

I am glad you found that idea useful. I do remember learning that it is important for the old ones to be separated from the current ones when it comes to passing a Coast Guard inspection. That's why I do it this way.

Thank you Cap'n for your comment. I appreciate that. Happy boating. J.

20$ flares? from capt kim on 16 Aug '20

so they were only day flares? close to expiration? Miss ya!

The new flares from Janice aboard Seaweed on 17 Aug '20

Frankly Kim I did not remember how much flares cost. After three years I forget. These were four for $20 which I assume is a good price.

On the east coast I picked up a package at a marine store. I did not think to check dates and found they would expire in about a year. Since then I would like to believe that I am smarter, though I suspect skepticism is more the truth!

I miss you too. Boatyard Blues no doubt. The Suzuki dealership has thrown a wrench in my carefully laid plans. The boatyard itself has gone above and beyond. It will work out, though the interim is less than fun

That said, I'm afloat with loads of Really Nice boat traffic passing by my transom. Best of all it is a no wake zone so my eyeballs are not being rolled out! Lots of high dollar Clorox boats alas. Here we are seeing a ton of bluewater boats being sold and outfitted. How is it up your way? J.

Thanks for your note. It is always great to hear from you.

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